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Simple good pleasures for good mental heath.

Some time ago, I had written about the rules of pleasure. Today I shall focus on simple good pleasures in life which nourishes and fulfills the mind (mental), body and soul. Why simple pleasures? Because good healthy pleasures do not need to be complicated by massive planning or expensive trips. Just keep it simple and […]


Exercise prevents depression and cancer

Today, I am going to write about exercise. At least 2 recent studies has proven that exercise can prevent cancer and depression. More importantly, the research has found that routine exercise does not necessarily need to be strenuous or high intensity.  Simple exercise such as taking a walk for only an hour a week  can […]


Stories of Resilience

Here are 2 great commentaries by Dr. James Dobson on stories of RESILIENCE.    


A Great Poem on Parenting

A meaningful poem on parenting Children Learn What They Live by Dorothy Law Nolte


Feeling or Facts : Which is first?

Well, it really depends on the situation at hand. Let me bring your attention to the 3 most important elements that motivate, drive and give us enormous power. According to Dr. Lawrence J. Crabb, the 3 elements are Fact, Faith (Action), and Feelings. In this context, the word faith is not referring to a spiritual […]



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