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Simple good pleasures for good mental heath – Part 2

In my previous sharing, I talked about simple good pleasures in physical form such as food, sleep and exercise. Now, let’s talk about the simple and good psychological ( mental ) pleasures. What do we mean by “psychological” pleasures?  It simply means good pleasures which feeds upon the mental / mind and emotional well being. […]


Principle of Pleasures : Part 2

Principle : All pleasures is bought with the price of pain.   We pay the price either before we enjoy it or after we enjoyed the pleasure.   For good healthy pleasures, we pay the price before we enjoy it. The price of   self discipline and self control. And a strong will to focus on […]


Rules for pleasure

Rules for pleasure   Experiencing pleasures in life is like walking through a hotel corridor. I am heading towards a destination to attend a meeting. However, there are many rooms along the corridor. Imagine that these hotels rooms are not occupied and I am free to explore these rooms, from the Presidential suite to the […]


Simple pleasures

I am not trying to advertise Jacobs biscuits here. But from the first time I watched this video, it certainly has a heartwarming message. It helps me remember to be mindful of the simple things and simple moments which make life meaningful. So please enjoy the video clip!     



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