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Everyone deserves love and discipline to be what they CAN BE.

Linda Cliatt-Wayman in this video proves to the world that every child deserves to be loved and to receive guidance , in order to achieved their fullest potential, regardless of their background or poor social circumstances. I am greatly touched by her sharing.  


The Child within us

According to Eric Berne,  even as adults, deep within us lies a little child who desperately needed unconditional love and respect.  Unconditional love and respect means the need to be loved and accepted as individuals with dignity and rights.   I firmly believe and am convinced that one of the greatest fears of mankind is the fear […]


How to promote world peace?


How now shall we live?

How now shall we live? Many years ago, I came across this book entitled “ How now shall we live ?” – certainly a very catchy title. I bought the book and it has become part of my “collection”.   Interestingly, this question flashes in my consciousness every now and then.   Today, even as […]


Love is patient

Patience : Key to Mental Health I recently read a small booklet talking about “Patience”. And I realized that being patient is so important for our Physical, Mental , Social and Spiritual wellbeing. Losing patience on the road may lead to grave consequences. It may cost us our lives or the lives of others. The […]



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