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Communication series with Dr Vincent Wong (Psychiatrist) – 3.0

All Relationships and Effective Communication is build with the basic building block ( like little lego blocks ) of Spending Time. A relationship expert once said that children spell LOVE as T.I.M.E. I believe the same applies to relationships such as marriage, parent-child and friendships. Let me share a simple yet profound and meaningful song […]


Communication series with Dr Vincent Wong (Psychiatrist) – 2.0

How to speak so that people want to listen by Julian Treasure Julian Treasure shared 4 principles of good speaking habits in an acronym H.A.I.L. HAIL means to greet someone enthusiastically. H for Honesty. A  for Authenticity : This means being our true self. I for Integrity :  This means to do what we say […]


Communication series with Dr Vincent Wong (Psychiatrist) – 1.0

For this season, I will be posting a series on communication. Communication is so important in our daily life. Good Communication is the oil that smoothen every friction in a relationship! So let’s get started with my favorite TED Talk by Julian Treasure. Enjoy!  



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