Reality is like a lighthouse

Reality is like a lighthouse. It is rock solid and stands firmly to guide us.

It never changes. A fact is a fact. It is absolute truth.

If we deny it or fight it, we are fighting a losing battle.

We need to face it. Embrace it even though it may be a painful reality. We need to take the bull by its horn.

For example, if I have an anger management issues, I need to admit it and deal with it, and stop blaming others for provoking my anger.

If my marriage is heading towards a divorce, I need to look at myself in the mirror and ask myself   “ What have I done which have resulted in a deteriorating marriage life” and stop blaming my spouse. I need to take responsibility to restore it. Blaming never helps.

Therefore, we need to wake up to the reality or truth and navigate through those “lighthouses” in our lives. We need to makes necessary changes in ourselves. We need to make course corrections. Or else we will crash !



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