Letter from Dad

I quote from one of the Chicken Soup for the soul series , entitled The Wisdom of Dads.

The following is a letter of apology from a father. It remind us as fathers, to be the rock solid role model for our children. Our children look up to us as their childhood Hero.

Let us, as fathers continue to learn about nurturing healthy relationships and healing hurting relationships in our families. In moments of intense emotions e.g. anger, frustration, fears, hatred or disappointment, we need to exercise self restraint and learn to calm down and seek wisdom, before we say those irreversible hurting words to one another. Let us learn to forgive and embrace each other’s strengths and limitations.


by Vincent



Apology to a Child

By the time that you can read this
You may not know me well
But then again, we may be close
You can never really tell.

You used to call me “Daddy”
I used to hold you tight
I used to bathe you everyday
And tuck you in a night.

I should have held your Mommy more
We should have sat and talked
The love grew cold, the words got hot
And then one day I walked.

I cried the night I left you all
I cried again today
It seems sometimes that’s all I’ve done
Since that night I went away.

I hope you know I love you
Though I wasn’t always there
I think about you constantly
And you’re always in my prayers.

I hope someday you’ll understand
That this thing hurt me, too
I hope you’ll know, I always have
And always will love you.

Last night I drove to where you live
I saw your bedroom light
I sat and watched and thought of you
Until the sky grew bright.

I am not the man I used to be
I’ve learned a lot since then
I wish that I could turn back time
And live with you again.

But I can’t change the things I’ve done
Or take back things I’ve said
All I can do is write these words
While lying here in my bed.

I hope that when you read this
You will know this one thing’s true
That no one else in this whole world
Means more to me than you.

by Ron Wutka


Here is a very meaningful 90 seconds video clip by Dr. James Dobson on family talk

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