Let our kids cry

Kids are generally happy, cheeerful and chirpy little human.  This is because they would naturally and spontaneously laugh or smile when they  are happy, or cry when they are in pain or distress. They do not hide their feelings.


In an environment where kids are allow to express themselves freely and openly, they are certainly healthier and happier. Children should be allowed to share their feelings, being listened to, and received unconditional love, affection and unconditional acceptance in the home. When the child is hurting, he or she should be allowed to cry their hearts out and be supported by a warm, loving and comforting hugs.


Why is it so?


Kids who are allowed to express their feeling openly and freely do not need to suppress their bottled-up emotions such as fear, anger, hurts or sadness. When these emotions are being suppressed, it will eventually resurface in the form of anxiety, depression, behavioral problems, rebellion, temper tantrums, school refusal, bed wetting or physical symptoms such as tummy ache, headache or other aches and pains.


So , the next time your toddler , preschooler, or even an older kid cries , just give them a warm hug and tell him or her, “ Sweetheart, it’s okay to cry”



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