A broken windscreen or a broken heart?

On February 2019, which was several months ago,

On a Sunday, i was about to go cycling with my son. As i carry my son’s bicycle, in a rush manner, i accidentally broke my car’s windscreen.  Ooucchh!  My heart grieves a little as it was a 6 months old car.  After some background check, i found out that i need to spend certain amount of money to get it fixed.



Later i realized that this amount is my tuition fees for the following precious life lessons  :

1. Do not rush, in whatever you do.   

2. Everyone make mistakes. Which human being does not make mistakes? 

3. Do not be harsh with those who make mistakes

Since I was not too angry with my own mistake, i shall not be too upset with other people’s mistakes. Most mistakes are unintentional and everyone should be given a second or third chance to learn from their mistakes.  We should try to forgive one another.

4. It is better to break my windscreen than to break the heart of my loved ones.

I can spend some money to replace the broken windscreen although it will hurt my pocket, however, i will NEVER be able to fix a broken heart of a human soul which will be psychologically / emotionally / mentally traumatized for a long long time.

So, always be wise and discern the right thing to do or say.

I think this tuition fees is well spent after all.


To Err is human


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