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The World Health Organization (WHO) defines health as “a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”.

Therefore a complete sense of well being involves the journey of nurturing our physical, mental ( thoughts and emotion ) and spiritual health.

Total mental health involves not only management of emotional issues but discovering and developing the strengths, abilities and talents which is inherent in every individual.


Brain Mind Specialist  is committed to ensure that you attain holistic health which includes physical, emotional,social and spiritual.


“Life is difficult. This is the great truth, one of the greatest truths – it is a great truth because once we see this truth, we transcend it.”
Dr. M. Scott Peck


Dr. Vincent Wong


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Everyone deserves love and discipline to be what they CAN BE.

Linda Cliatt-Wayman in this video proves to the world that every child deserves to be loved and to receive guidance , in order to achieved their fullest potential, regardless of their background or poor social circumstances.

I am greatly touched by her sharing.




Healthy sense of guilt help us to reflect on our mistakes.  We could then rectify it and move on in life.

Unhealthy guilt or excessive guilt could wreck our emotions leading to excessive self blame, painful regrets or even severe depressive state!

Many a times, the feelings of guilt is so strong and overwhelming even though there is no evidence of wrong doing !!  This is called irrational or illogical guilt.

Some of us may have certain temperament or higher tendency to feel guilty.  It may be due to a harsh self-critical tendency or high expectations of self. It could be due to difficult childhood experiences.

However, the absence of guilt feelings may spell danger too. It may result in extreme self-righteousness or self- justification  with no regards for what is right or wrong!

So what is the solution ?

1) Seek and understand the Truth about what is right and wrong.

2) Understand that none of us is perfect. We all make mistakes and learn from it daily.

3) Knowing that we only need to do the right thing and not to please anyone’s expectations.

4) Knowing that we just need to try.  And do what we CAN DO. Not what we cannot do.

So folks, I shall leave you with my favourite quote by Mother Teresa.


Forgive them anyway



The good life : A 75 years research by Harvard on Health and Happiness

Do what we can do

I always remember this quote which I observed many years ago in my boss’s office. Somehow it sticks to my memory cells!

Sometimes, we may feel discouraged, disappointed, disheartened or a sense of failure when we could not achieve certain things. Of course, we should keep trying and not give up easily.  However, life is about knowing when to persevere and when to let go and move on.  It is about understanding ourselves. Understand “me” and others.

When we become fixated or preoccupied with what we could not do, we may develop low self esteem, self pity or depression.  And we may lose sight of our own abilities, capabilities, strengths and talents.

Hence it so important to remember to focus on what we can do and not what we cannot do.

Do what you can


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