Cuddle for mental health and well being

Does cuddling improves our well being and mental health?


The following is an excerpt from an article

“There is a strong bond between the brain and the immune system, therefore what is in our head affects our health positively or negatively. According to Dr Shara BA Cohen staying calm, being optimistic, expressing our feelings and having close personal relationships are all good ways to boost our immune systems and to maintain good health. The good news is that cuddling can make all this happen. We just need to make cuddling happen!”

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How to promote world peace?

Simple pleasures

I am not trying to advertise Jacobs biscuits here.

But from the first time I watched this video, it certainly has a heartwarming message.

It helps me remember to be mindful of the simple things and simple moments which make life meaningful.

So please enjoy the video clip!  :)



The Game of Life

The Game of Life by Dr. James Dobson ( on family talk )


The Parent-Teenager bonding Window

Dear concerned Parents,

In the course of my work, I have frequently observes this phenomena called the “The Parent-Teenager bonding Window”.

This Window represents a limited period of time for us as parents to bond and connect with our preteens or teenager emotionally. This means to be able to have a close relationship with them.

Why is this window so important?

Because once the window of trust has closed, it is very hard to reopen it. It may have been shut by years of misunderstanding, hurts, emotional pain and perceived rejection . Then they may begin to open their window to the outside world.

Let me ask , which child or teenager do not wish to have a loving relationship with their Dad or Mum?  I believe that most teenagers have a strong longing for these. But do we as parents done enough to build this connection?

The good news is that we as parents can learn to be more  aware of the needs for this strong emotional bonding with our teenagers. With this loving relationship in place , it is much easier to guide our young with loving discipline.

Here is a great book to help us as parents to understand the needs of our teenagers by author Gary Chapman.


Keep it up, All the Daddies and Mummies, trust me, your investment of love, time and effort in your teenager is worth it!