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The World Health Organization (WHO) defines health as “a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”.

Therefore a complete sense of well being involves the journey of nurturing our physical, mental ( thoughts and emotion ) and spiritual health.

Total mental health involves not only management of emotional issues but discovering and developing the strengths, abilities and talents which is inherent in every individual.


Brain Mind Specialist  is committed to ensure that you attain holistic health which includes physical, emotional,social and spiritual.


“Life is difficult. This is the great truth, one of the greatest truths – it is a great truth because once we see this truth, we transcend it.”
Dr. M. Scott Peck


Dr. Vincent Wong


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Documentary on Dementia (失智症) by Melody FM Malaysia

On the 4 April 2017, I was invited to share on Dementia (失智症) 
by Melody FM, Malaysia.

Here is a short documentary video on Dementia.
( in Mandarin and Cantonese )




Feeling or Facts : Which is first?

Well, it really depends on the situation at hand.

Let me bring your attention to the 3 most important elements that motivate, drive and give us enormous power. According to Dr. Lawrence J. Crabb, the 3 elements are Fact, Faith (Action), and Feelings. In this context, the word faith is not referring to a spiritual meaning but a belief in doing the right thing based on facts and reality.

For most of us, feelings affect our behaviours or actions.

Our behaviours are often driven by our moods. However, as Oswald Chamber rightly puts it, our mood are mostly instinctual and at times may not have much logic to it.  We may sometimes say to ourselves “ I simply do not feel like studying” or “going to work” or “ do this “ or “do that”




However,  we should not always allow our emotions/feelings to lead us, instead, we sometimes may need to allow facts, truth and reality to lead our actions.  Facts which is followed by actions ( having the faith that we need to act on what is right and appropriate)

Hence the alternative sequence will be :


When we allow Facts to guide our actions ( moving in Faith ),  Positive Feelings will eventually occur which will further energize the whole “engine”!

***HOWEVER, during the process of helping someone who is feeling overwhelmed by intense emotions such as grief, sadness or fears,  it may appeared insensitive to argue with the person based solely on logic, rational thinking and facts.  In such situation,  empathizing with the person’s FEELINGS is of utmost importance before dishing out any factual reasoning. The person needs to feel listened to and understood in the first place.

*** In the event where the overwhelming feelings became very intense or persistent or affecting his or her daily activities, then we need to consider the possibility of a mental health issues which may require professional help.



Remembering the love of our Kinabalu heros

On the 7 June 2015, 7.15am, a rare 6.0-magnitude earthquake strucked Sabah, killing 18, children and adults who were up at Mount Kinabalu ( 4,092m ) at that time.

It was indeed a very sad and heart-breaking day and I believe that the searing pain of the sudden loss of loved one will never really go away for the grieving family members.

Four mountain guides died in their attempts to save many of the school-going children as well as adult climbers.



Let us remember the deceased mountain guides for their love and sacrifices of their own lives in order to save others. They are truly our heros.






Amazing Dog Hero

I am absolutely touched and impressed by this video.  That dogs are indeed such loving and caring animal who feels for their friends and neighbors.



Let us learn from them to love and to care. To be true Hero.


Have a Blessed Christmas!  :)




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